About Pink Pigs Fly

Wondering about the "flying pigs"?

It's a question I often hear when introducing myself and my business to new acquaintances, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face—
it means I've piqued their curiosity!

Let me share the story behind Pink Pigs Fly. For years, I immersed myself in 'traditional' creativity training within organizations (a bit of an oxymoron, I know!). Witnessing participants discover their unique creative potential always warmed my heart.

However, a pivotal moment came during a session when a team expressed their enthusiasm for building creative skills but felt hindered by a lack of supportive leadership and culture. Their frustration struck a chord with me—I realized that without the right environment, all the training could seem futile,
with little return on investment for organizations.

Determined to make a meaningful impact, I delved into research on creativity, innovation, organizational change, and leadership. Pursuing a Masters in Creativity & Change Leadership added depth to my expertise.

As my business vision took shape, I knew I wanted a name that stood out. 'XYZ innovation consulting firm' just didn't capture the essence of what I wanted to convey—innovation without boundaries and creativity with purpose.

Enter 'Pink Pigs Fly.' It was a risk, straddling the line between creativity and business credibility. Yet, the positive feedback reassured me that I had struck a chord with those who valued imagination and disruptive thinking in the pursuit of innovation.

For me, making pigs fly is about tapping into curiosity and imagination, vital elements of creativity. In today's world, where innovation is non-negotiable, challenging the status quo and envisioning new possibilities are essential.

So, are you ready to make pigs fly in your organization?
Let's have a conversation and unleash your creative potential!
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